How to Install Curb Feelers?

Answer Curb feelers are attached to cars and are made of either wires or springs. They warn the driver when she is about to run into a curb or other obstruction that can do damage to the car. Curb feelers... Read More »

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Which way do I curb my car wheels when parking uphill where there is no curb?

If you are parking your car on the right side of the road facing uphill and the road has no curb, turn your front wheels all the way to the right. This way, if your car rolls downhill, it will rol... Read More »

How to Curb Dog Shedding?

Shedding is a natural process for dogs in which the old damaged hair falls out so the new healthy hair can grow. Almost every breed of dog will shed, although some do so more than others. Many dogs... Read More »

How to Bike Over a Curb?

It's very annoying having to stop your bike in order to get over the curb and onto the path but if you follow this guide you will be able to just keep going effortlessly.

How to Curb Your Wonderlust?

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