How to Install Closet Spud Washers?

Answer A closet spud washer is the part that connects the toilet bowl tank to the toilet seat area. This important part is installed on every toilet. If you install a new toilet, connecting this part to y... Read More »

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What Is a Closet Spud?

Toilets have many moving parts. One of those parts is the closet spud. Known by other names such as a spud washer, closet spud gasket or simply a spud gasket, it comes in many styles, materials and... Read More »

How to Install Closet Doors?

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How to Install Closet Organizers?

Did you ever see one of those ads with immaculate closets and wish yours could be a bit tidier? You may never need to store exactly five identical shirts on a closet rod, but a closet organizer can... Read More »

How to Install Sliding Closet Doors?

Sliding closet doors, also known as bypass doors, are doors that pass behind the other. They are more expensive than other types of closet doors, but they take up the least amount of space in your ... Read More »