How to Install Bulkhead Fittings?

Answer A bulkhead prevents water or air from getting between two sections of a boat. A bulkhead fitting allows a hose to pass through a solid wall, such as a bulkhead, without compromising the structural ... Read More »

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How to Install SAE Fittings?

Society of Automotive Engineers fittings come in a variety of sizes. These fittings also come in adjustable and non-adjustable versions. This means that the adjustable fittings can be turned or ori... Read More »

How to Install Compression Fittings?

Pipes, fixtures and valves for common plumbing can be connected in various ways. The easiest way to connect a pipe to another pipe, a fitting or a valve is with a compression fitting. These fitting... Read More »

How to Install Fittings on a Copper Pipe?

Copper pipe fittings--known as couplings--come in straight, 30-, 45-, 60- and 90 degree angles. The reason for this is to help you run new water lines (pipes) around corners, or if you have to inst... Read More »

How to Install Zerk Fittings in a Ford F-150?

A Zerk fitting is a threaded grease fitting that is screwed into components that require lubrication. Zerk fittings can be installed in ball joints, universal joints or parts that contain bearings.... Read More »