How to Install Brakes on a 2003 2500 Dodge Ram?

Answer The 2003 Dodge Ram uses drum brakes on the rear axle and disc brakes on the front of the vehicle. The front disc brakes perform 80 percent of the braking, and the back brakes do 20 percent of the b... Read More »

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How to Install Brakes on a Dodge Ram 2500?

The brake assembly on a Dodge Ram 2500 full-size truck is comprised of multiple parts. The brake pads are within the caliper, which is mounted on a bracket connected to the brake disc that is insta... Read More »

How to Install Brakes on a 2003 Dodge Ram?

The 2003 Dodge Ram uses a brake system comprised of four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes. The brakes include brake pads, brake rotors, and the calipers and caliper pistons that force the pads against t... Read More »

How to Repair a 2003 Dodge 2500 Heater?

The heater, or blower motor in technical terms, is responsible for circulating the AC throughout the cabin of your Dodge 2500. Under standard operation, the blower should last 10 years or more. Hea... Read More »

How to Fix a Cracked Dash in a 2003 Dodge 2500?

Dodge pickup truck dashboards often crack due to structural stress, exposure to long periods of heat and a sustained barrage of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Given enough time, even the small... Read More »