How to Install Blue Headlights?

Answer Replacing your factory headlights with blue headlights means replacing the standard halogen bulbs with a bulb of a different color. These are typically xenon "look-a-like" headlights. These kinds o... Read More »

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Are blue headlights legal?

The United States, Europe, Canada and Japan all have laws specifying that cars must have white headlights. While slight tints of blue or other colors may be allowed, headlights that are completely ... Read More »

Are blue headlights legal in California?

In California, blue headlights are not legal neither are yellow headlights. All vehicles must have white headlights. To make this easier, legal headlights have the DOT symbol on the package.Source:... Read More »

Ways to Make Your Headlights Blue?

Blue tinted headlights can create a customized look for your vehicle as well as increase night time visibility. Some blue tinted lights are supposedly brighter than regular headlights, but it depen... Read More »

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