How to Install Batt Insulation in an Attic?

Answer Heat rises, and if your attic isn't insulated properly, it's a good bet you're losing a lot of heat through the roof. This makes your house colder than it needs to be and drives up your energy cost... Read More »

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Can I put batt insulation in my attic?

The United States Department of Energy states that batt insulation is acceptable for attic use. However, they caution that batt insulation typically costs more and is not as effective as loose-fill... Read More »

How do I Use Batt Insulation in an Unvented Attic?

When insulating an unvented attic, you must insulate along the underside of the house's roof, not on the top of the ceiling, also known as the attic floor. When measuring and stapling, start at the... Read More »

Does Sears install attic insulation?

As of 2010, Sears Blue Service Crews do not install attic insulation. They do offer several products to insulate around attic doors and attic stairs, along with metal and wooden insulated attic lad... Read More »

How to Lay Batt Insulation?

Batt insulation is made of fiberglass and comes in precut sizes to reduce cutting during installation. According to the Johns Manville website, most batt insulation comes in 8- or 9-foot lengths an... Read More »