How to Install Baseboards and Door Facings?

Answer The redesign or construction of a room is not quite complete until the baseboards and door facings are installed. Baseboards add a continuous trim around the bottom edge of a room, only to end at e... Read More »

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How to Install Baseboards & Door Casings?

Door casing covers the gap between the door jambs and the finished walls. Baseboards do the same thing for the gaps between floors and walls. The moldings are more than aesthetic trim; they help st... Read More »

How to Apply Hardwood Flooring Around Door Facings?

Installing hardwood flooring around a door facing can be difficult. Many homeowners find that installing a hardwood floor is achievable. However, these same homeowners may struggle to cut the floor... Read More »

How to Install Baseboards & Shoe Molding?

A standard trim configuration at the base of a wall is a tall, flat baseboard, sitting on the floor and coming up the wall by several inches, with base shoe molding---a thin, low strip of trim, usu... Read More »

How do I install self adhesive vinyl baseboards?

Installing Vinyl BaseboardInstall self adhesive vinyl baseboard by carefully peeling the backing and sticking the baseboard to the wall as you unroll. Clean wall and floor in the area you will adhe... Read More »