How to Install Baseboard Trim?

Answer Baseboard trim covers the joints between the walls and the floor and adds an essential finishing touch to a room. To remove old baseboards and install new ones, read the following instructions.

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How to Install Baseboard Trim in a Bathroom?

Baseboard trims are wonderful accents that beautify a bathroom and add a unique touch to the room. Baseboard trim is also not too difficult install and you can put it up yourself. The bathroom is ... Read More »

How to Install New Baseboard?

Baseboard is the trim that fits along the floor and makes a transition from floor to wall. It can help hold flooring in place. You may want to install baseboard in a new room or remodeled room or r... Read More »

How to Install Baseboard Heat?

Baseboard heat is one of the most common sources of heat for rooms of all sizes in homes and businesses. Baseboard heat is clean and efficient, and new models are more economical than ever before. ... Read More »

How to Install Baseboard Receptacles?

The best way to install receptacles is at the normal height (18 inches to the top of the receptacle box) on the wall above the baseboard, nailed or screwed to the vertical stud. However, if this is... Read More »