How to Install After Market Motorcycle Exhaust?

Answer Installing a new exhaust will enliven your motorcycle. There are many different styles of pipes available on the market to get the sound and look you desire. Installing a new exhaust is relatively ... Read More »

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How to Install a WRX After-Market Exhaust?

For turbocharged cars, upgrading your exhaust should be the first modification done if you're looking to increase performance. Not only will you free up extra horsepower and give yourself a good s... Read More »

How to Install a BSA Motorcycle Exhaust?

BSA's line of motorcycles includes a number of single-cylinder and twin-cylinder road bikes and dirt bikes. The exhausts for both types consist of a header pipe and a muffler tailpipe. Dirt bikes, ... Read More »

How to Install Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap?

Motorcycle exhaust wrap is made of a special insulating fabric. By insulating the exhaust pipes of the motor, exhaust wrap allows hot air to move more freely through the pipes, meaning the motor ca... Read More »

How to Install Motorcycle Exhaust Tape?

In addition to being great looking, exhaust tape can help reduce the amount of heat you feel coming from the exhaust pipes of your motorcycle. It's also useful for hiding the unsightly bluing of yo... Read More »