How to Inspect MacPherson Struts?

Answer Not too long ago, the MacPherson strut was found almost exclusively on foreign-made cars, but today more American cars have them as well. The most striking thing you will notice about the MacPherso... Read More »

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What Are Macpherson Struts?

Invented in the post-WWII auto boom, the MacPherson strut independent front suspension system provided automakers with a low-cost, more compact suspension design. Since then, many high-end and popu... Read More »

How to Change MacPherson Struts?

If your car is not handling as well as it used to and bounces and lurches over bumps and dips like it just had a three-martini lunch, it may be time to replace the struts. A fresh set of struts wil... Read More »

How to Replace MacPherson Struts in a Chrysler Van?

The front suspension on a Chrysler van uses a MacPherson strut assembly. The coil spring mounts around the MacPherson strut, and between the two, they support the weight of the van while also provi... Read More »

How to Check Shock Absorbers or Macpherson Struts in a Saturn Ion?

If you're hitting the roof in your Saturn Ion every time you hit a bump, it might be a good time to check your shocks and struts. Your Macpherson strut assembly is vital to your suspension system a... Read More »