How to Inspect Brake Discs?

Answer A commonly used four-point braking system on late model passenger vehicles made in the United States is the disc brake. Maintaining disc brakes is easier than drum brakes, because the parts are vis... Read More »

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How to Inspect a Brake Drum?

Brake drum inspection is one of the most important safety inspections for a car. Your brakes need to work properly to stop your car. The brake drums absorb heat and dissipate it, so they can be wea... Read More »

How to Inspect Car Brake Calipers?

Brake calipers are a hydro mechanical energy conversion device, also known as an integral part of your braking system and should be checked any time your brakes are serviced. They should also be ch... Read More »

How to Inspect a Brake Pad Before Installation?

Some vehicles with disc brakes have wide-open rims and easily accessible and visual calipers to allow you to look in at the pads to monitor their thickness. Of course, you can't see the inboard pad... Read More »

How to Inspect Car Brake Rotors?

Your vehicle has many components that wear out with use and time. One of these components is the brake rotors. It's important to inspect them regularly (about every 6 months) to keep them working p... Read More »