How to Inspect Aluminum Rims?

Answer Most automobile rims manufactured are aluminum. Steel rims are usually capped with hubcaps. Visible rims---typically made out of an aluminum alloy, usually aluminum and magnesium---are usually eith... Read More »

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How to High Polish Aluminum Rims?

Polishing your aluminum rims are a great way to restore its luster. This process is very cheap and easy. Set aside at least one hour to polish all four of your rims since this process can be very... Read More »

How to Mount Tires on Aluminum Rims?

Many cars today come fitted with custom aluminum rims instead of steel rims, as manufacturers found they could make an aluminum rim as strong as a steel rim with half the weight. When mounting a ti... Read More »

How to Spray Paint Aluminum Car Rims?

If your car came equipped with brushed aluminum rims and you are now ready to spray paint them black or a different color, you may be wondering how difficult the process is. Luckily, it is quite ea... Read More »

How to Fix Curb Damage to Aluminum Alloy Rims?

Car wheels receive the most abuse and punishment from the road than any other part of the car. Hitting potholes, curbs and other objects can cause "curb damage" to the sides of your aluminum alloy... Read More »