How to Insert the Second Footnote?

Answer A scholarly work may have several footnotes on the same page.To insert a footnote, click at the point in your document where you wish to insert the note, go to the appropriate pull-down menu, selec... Read More »

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How to Insert a Number for a Footnote?

Footnotes are used in scholarly articles and books to reference facts stated in the text. They also direct the reader to another source that contains background information that can help the reader... Read More »

How to Footnote in APA?

American Psychological Association citation format is most often used in the social sciences. Although APA style does not commonly make use of footnotes, it is permissible to use footnotes either f... Read More »

How to Footnote a URL?

A footnote is a reference to a specific source of material used by an author as a quote, paraphrase or summary. The footnote names the source's author and exact location within a book, journal, web... Read More »

How to Footnote an Essay?

Adding footnotes to your essay allows you to verify your resources every time you state a fact in a research paper. Sometimes, footnotes can take the place of the Works Cited page that is normally ... Read More »