How to Insert a Tire Plug?

Answer Sharp objects litter the roads you travel every day. Using a tire plug kit gives you the ability to fix a hole caused by a sharp object without taking your vehicle to a tire repair shop. Tire plug ... Read More »

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Is it safe to insert a 3pin plug into a 2pin adapter?

If you plug in a 3pin into a 2pin it won't work. In fact you can ruin your cord. I suggest not doing that.

How to Use a Tire Plug Kit?

Most automobile owners at some time or another will have to deal with a flat tire. How prepared you are for this occurrence will determine how much of a problem it is. One of the most common causes... Read More »

Tire Plug Instructions?

Tire plug kits contain the tools and materials need to fix the majority of flat tires. For a tire to be repairable, the hole causing the flat cannot be outside of the tire's tread area. When a punc... Read More »

How to Plug a Tractor Tire?

When your tractor tire is punctured it will lose air. It will not be able to hold air in it until the hole is plugged, or patched. Small holes can be repaired on tractor tires using a plug patch. T... Read More »