How to Insert a Hook in a Fluke Lure?

Answer Fluke lures exhibit an erratic action when retrieved, and often prove effective in catching largemouth and striped bass. The lures sink slowly, imitating a dying shad or baitfish. The fluke is a li... Read More »

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How to Tie a Hook/Lure Onto Fishing Line?

A good knot is important to catching fish! This article will show you how to tie a hook or a lure onto a fishing line.

How to Rig a Jig and Pig Lure?

Many bass fishermen consider the jig and pig, a lure composed of a skirted jig and trailer, one of the premier big bass lures. But the jig and pig is also a good choice for catching numbers of othe... Read More »

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How to Rig a Fluke?

A fluke is a soft-bodied, plastic lure that resembles a shad bait fish. Available in a crayon box of solid colors, in two-tones and with glitter and scent, flukes are very effective lures for catch... Read More »