How to Insert a Glass for a Double Boiler?

Answer You can insert a glass for a double boiler carefully without damaging either part. Double boilers are two-part cooking vessels with a base unit and smaller insert. The base unit holds water and has... Read More »

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What can be used as a substitute for a double boiler?

Substitute a medium-sized pan and a glass or metal heatproof bowl for a double boiler. Heat an inch or two of water to a simmer in the pan, and then set the bowl in the pan without letting it touch... Read More »

How to Make Candles With a Double Boiler?

If you like candles, there's no reason you shouldn't make your own at home. It doesn't require a lot of fancy tools or equipment; you can even make one using a double boiler. A double boiler consis... Read More »

How to Cook Fish in a Double Boiler?

fresh swordfish steaksDouble boilers are a very useful kitchen tool. They are especially well suited to cooking fish and other seafood because they steam the fish, eliminating the 'toughness' that ... Read More »

How to Make Scrambled Eggs Using a Double Boiler?

Scrambled eggs on sourdough toast.Reportedly, Thomas Jefferson preferred scrambled eggs made in this fashion. Scrambled eggs cooked in a double boiler makes a creamy and delightful egg dish.