How to Insert a Contraceptive Diaphragm?

Answer A latex cup that's inserted in the vagina, the diaphragm is a relatively inexpensive, nonhormonal way to help prevent pregnancy. When placed over the opening to the cervix, a diaphragm blocks sperm... Read More »

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When was the first contraceptive created?

In 1960, the modern birth control pill appeared on the scene. However, condoms, rhythm methods, male withdrawal, coatings over the cervix, douching after intercourse and intrauterine devices have b... Read More »

When was the contraceptive gel introduced?

The original contraceptive gel, known as a pessary, came into popular use in the 19th century. It was used to block as many sperm as possible and kill those that did get through. A pessary was made... Read More »

What is a diaphragm in a microscope?

The diaphragm on a light microscope is located beneath the stage. It regulates the amount of light reaching the specimen from the light source. Adjusting the diaphragm increases and decreases the a... Read More »

What Is a Diaphragm Set Pump?

A diaphragm set pump, also commonly referred to as an accelerator pump, is a component of the fuel system for some engines. They are generally found in motorcycles, although they are also used in ... Read More »