How to Inscribe a Shape in a Sphere?

Answer Learning how to inscribe a shape into a sphere is one of the skills you learn in elementary calculus. If you can imagine inscribing a cone inside a sphere, you'd be thinking of the point resting so... Read More »

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What is the sci-fi show or movie where a guy traveled through time in a black or gray sphere and uses a joystick to control and he is usually bruised and battered after the sphere lands?

One of the evidentally more-than-one versions of the Time machine. Could also be Bubble Boy by Disney studios, which has motion attachments and is both a life support device ( as was in the Travolt... Read More »

How to Inscribe a Decagon in a Circle?

A decagon is a 10-sided geometric figure. You can inscribe an equilateral decagon within a circle without doing any measuring, using just a straightedge and a compass. However, that's not true for ... Read More »

How to Find The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face Shape?

Eyebrows are very important features on your face. With it being the perfect shape for your face, it will improve your overall appearance. You will have to look at your own face shape to determin... Read More »

How to Calculate a Sphere?

A sphere is a perfectly round object, such as a soccer ball or pool ball. When calculating the volume of a sphere, you need to know the diameter. If you cannot measure the diameter, you can measure... Read More »