How to Inflate Disc O Sit Cushions?

Answer A Disc O Sit cushion is an inflatable cushion used to provide tactile sensory experience for children. The cushion has one flat side and one bumpy side, and provides more bounce the more you inflat... Read More »

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How to Inflate Car Tires?

Full-service gas stations are a thing of the past. You can't tell whether your tires need air by looking at them or even by kicking them. It's up to you to check and add air to your tires monthly.

How to Inflate a Football?

You're throwing your football when you notice it is starting to get flat. So what do you do? You inflate it of course! Inflating a football is a very easy and simple task, and this article will sho... Read More »

How to Inflate a Basketball?

Playing basketball with a flat ball is no use obviously, but also playing basketball with too much bounce is not fun either. Learn the basic tips to enjoy the best possible fun for your game.

How to Inflate an Air Mattress?

Ok, dude! You've got your buddy Joe over here for the weekend and you're gonna play some serious Hold' em or Rummy! Then tomorrow what you're gonna do is- GASP! Tomorrow! Where is ole Joe gonna sle... Read More »