How to Indy Travel: A Panama Canal Day Trip?

Answer Find yourself enjoying the adventure of transiting the Panama Canal (or at least a good portion of it). With some advance planning, you will be on your way to one of the world's wonders without the... Read More »

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How much does it cost for a ship to travel through the panama canal?

The Panama Canal charges tolls to ships according to a complex fee structure that takes into account the size of the vessel, the type of cargo and other factors. According to the Panama Canal Auth... Read More »

Are there ferries that go on the Panama Canal from Panama City to Colon?

There is private ferry service available from Panama City on the Pacific coast to Colon on the Atlantic coast. The ferry service passes through the Panama Canal. There is also a railway that servic... Read More »

What president gave the Panama Canal to Panama?

On Sept. 7, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed the Panama Canal Treaty (also known as the Torrijos-Carter Treaty), beginning the transition of the canal to Panama's control. Until Dec. 31, 1999, t... Read More »

When did the U.S. give the Panama Canal to Panama?

The Panama Canal Treaty was signed in December 1977. The treaty outlined the timelines and procedures necessary for the United States to transfer operation of the canal over to the Republic of Pana... Read More »