How to Index People's Names by Address?

Answer Indexing a person's name by their address helps locate them and where they live. Knowing the correct sequence to do it ensures the format is correct and you can locate the name and address easily. ... Read More »

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On iCarly what is all of the peoples names?

Carly-Miranda Cosgrove Sam-Jennette McCurdy Freddie-Nathan Kress Spencer-Jerry TrainorGibby- Noah MunckGuppy- Ethan MunckMarissa Benson- Mary ScheerLewbert- Jeremy RowleyT-Bo- BooG!eNevel Papper... Read More »

Is this some sort of spam/virus/dodgy email It is only a link to an address:

Of course it's a scam message. If you get links that you didn't specifically ask for from someone you don't know then it is almost 100% sure to be a scam. Just delete the email and forget about it.

How to Make a 3X5 Index Card Tower Using 20 Index Cards?

Index card tower building is an assignment given by teachers to students to help them understand the basics of physics. The requirement of the assignment can be height, strength or stability from t... Read More »

How to Verify an Email Address With Names?

Since so many Web services exist that allow for the quick creation of free, disposal email addresses, it is hard to confirm someone's identity based upon their email address. Tracing their email ad... Read More »