How to Incubate Argentine Tegu Eggs?

Answer Of the seven lizards in the tegu genus, Argentine tegus are the largest reaching sizes up to 4 feet long, weighing over 8 pounds. Though they are capable of moving very quickly and can inflict a pa... Read More »

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How to Incubate Eggs at Home?

Schools and agricultural clubs across the country often teach students about animal life cycles by incubating chicken or duck eggs. Eggs can also be successfully hatched at home with the proper ca... Read More »

How to Incubate Tokay Gecko Eggs?

Tokay geckos are hard to incubate but here is a way.

How to Incubate Eggs in an Electric Frying Pan?

The most important part of incubating eggs in an electric frying pan is making sure that the pan is at the right temperature.

What temperature do turkey eggs incubate at?

When using an egg incubator for turkey eggs, keep them around 99.5 degrees F. As the incubation time continues, lower the temperature to around 98.6 degrees F. The eggs should never get over 100.6 ... Read More »