How to Increase the Wattage of a Laser Pointer?

Answer A laser pointer emits a beam of laser light that is more intense than natural light. You can increase the wattage of laser diodes inside laser pointers sold at hobby stores or drugstores because th... Read More »

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Where can I buy a laser pointer?

There's a bunch of them on amazon, here's a link for laser pointers…

Where can i buy a 1w laser pointer?

It is illegal and you can blind people with that. Don't be an asshole.

What happens if you look into a laser pointer?

My friend pointed one right into my eye when I was younger. It just felt like I looked directly into the sun. And it hurt for about a minute. But I was fine. But dot take It from me. I do belie... Read More »

How to Increase Resistor Wattage?

Resistors are used to limit the amount of current that flows through an electrical circuit. When a resistor is installed into a circuit, this resistor dissipates electrical power by converting it i... Read More »