How to Increase the Size of an HTML Drop-Down Box?

Answer HTML drop-down menus display a number of predefined options to the viewer of a Web page, and allow the viewer to select an option from the list. A Web browser automatically displays the width of th... Read More »

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How to Get the Text From an HTML Drop-Down Selection List?

A Web page's drop-down list would be useless if a Web developer couldn't get its current value. You can get that value by using the Web programming language JavaScript to query an attribute, "selec... Read More »

What is the standard size for an HTML e-mail?

HTML e-mails should have the smallest file size possible. The recommended size that will fit in most browsers is 550 pixels wide and about 500 pixels tall. Do not make the HTML e-mail more than 650... Read More »

What is the ideal size of an image for HTML pages?

The ideal image size when programming HTML pages ranges between 200x150 to 400x300 in JPG format. One good programming tip is to use HTML to create a thumbnail on the webpage and then enlarge the p... Read More »

What is the html coding to get my background photo to fit any size screen?

@ Bumblebee: The code DOES NOT work because it DOES NOT resize the image. Plus, just because a lot of code works today doesn't mean it is up-to-date and should be used. Learn to code to the latest ... Read More »