How to Increase a Boxer's Power?

Answer Training to be a boxer is a complicated process. One must focus on several areas of fitness simultaneously, including general strength, speed, flexibility and reflexes. When seeking to increase the... Read More »

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How to Remove a Power Steering Pump & Increase Power?

By removing the power steering pump on your car, you can expect a horsepower and torque increase. The power steering pump draws energy from the motor so that it can spin the pulley and create power... Read More »

How to increase Resistance power?

Vitamin C. Did you know that every time you pee, all the Vitamin C leaves your body? So I buy the smallest Vitamin C caplets, and still cut them in half. Then every time you pee, you should pop a... Read More »

How to increase my memory power?

Blueberries, Strawberries, Jambu Fruit (Jamun) and Spinach for Memory ImprovementHoney could be used to improve the memory due to its antioxidant propertiesTaking extra vitamins could help preserve... Read More »

Can a UPS increase power to a computer?

A un-interruptible power supply will supply a steady stream of power. It prevents the computer from getting power spikes or dips, but it will not increase the amount of power that gets to the compu... Read More »