How to Increase Wheel Offset?

Answer Wheel offset is used to move a wheel in or out from the center hub of the wheel. The center of the wheel does not move. The wheel offset is measured from the center of the wheel to the outside edge... Read More »

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What is Wheel Offset?

Even for those who know quite a bit about cars there can be many unknown factors that affect a vehicle's performance. Most people know, for example, that the tires that are used on any given car c... Read More »

Wheel Offset Problems?

The wheels on a car affect many aspects of it, including how it looks, how it handles and how the car feels on the road. The offset of the wheel is one to measure a wheel's fitment and refers to wh... Read More »

How to Understand Wheel Offset?

Wheel offset is an automotive term that describes how far a wheel is sunken into or protruding from its wheel well based on the placement of the wheel's hub mounting surface. This is not just a cos... Read More »

Wheel Offset Specs?

Wheel offset is the distance in millimeters from the hub mounting surface of a vehicle's wheel to the true centerline of the wheel. A simpler definition is how far a wheel sticks out beyond the fen... Read More »