How to Increase Inventory Turnover?

Answer Inventory turnover represents how many times a company sells through its entire inventory stock during a year. Companies often desire to increase their inventory turnover as this improves sales and... Read More »

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How to Calculate Inventory Turnover?

Calculating inventory turnover is something that businesses do in order to assess competitiveness, project profits and generally figure out how well they are doing in their industry. If you are inv... Read More »

Why Is it Important to Control Inventory Turnover?

Controlling inventory turnover is one of the fastest ways to get more money out of a business without having to increase sales. It's also a key way to grow a business faster. High inventory turnove... Read More »

How to Calculate Inventory Turnover Rate?

Inventory turnover shows how fast a company's inventory converts to sales. Companies want higher inventory turnover because it produces more revenue and keeps down the cost of maintaining inventory... Read More »

How to Calculate AR Turnover?

AR turnover, also known as accounts receivable turnover, shows how well a company collects on their sales on credit. Companies often allow customers to pay in the future for goods received, which c... Read More »