How to Increase Internet Connection Speed?

Answer Increase Internet connection speed by turning off toolbars, disabling add-ons and defragmenting the computer. Speed up a computer and increase browsing speed with help from a software developer in ... Read More »

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How to increase internet connection speed?

using a modem to connect is going to be painfully slow.....but there are a few things you can do to speed things up. you need to focus on your PC performance. Here are a few tips fo help you make y... Read More »

How to increase the speed of my internet connection?

There is no way to speed up your internet speed without buying faster speed from your ISP. Your ISP has all the networking gear to control the flow of data to/from your internet connection, regardl... Read More »

How to Increase the Speed of an Internet Connection?

If you are facing a slow Internet connection and you have to wait endlessly for a site to open or for a mail to be sent then just follow the steps below and you will be able to reduce the frustrati... Read More »

How to increase speed of my internet connection?

which download app do u use ? where do you download from ? if you use rapidshare i think it would be more than 200 (premium user).and i think internet download manager is good as a download manager... Read More »