How to Increase Horizontal Spacing in CSS?

Answer The World Wide Web Consortium recommends the separation of the structure and presentation elements of a Web page. When they are intermingled, the page is hard to update and even harder to parse by ... Read More »

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How to Increase the Word Spacing in Adobe Illustrator CS3?

In Adobe Illustrator CS3, you can specify how the words and letters are spaced-- a useful tool when formatting justified text. Justified text is aligned to both edges of a column, as opposed to lef... Read More »

How to Get Rid of H2 Spacing?

Headline tags such as "H1" and "H2" feature default spacing between the headline text and any other text or border above or below it. While this normally helps prevent text from being too close to ... Read More »

What is double spacing?

An easy way to check double-spacing (and other spacing parameters) is to type out whatever you want in Mircrosoft Word.Once you are done typing, highlight all your text (CONTROL+A).Next, under "For... Read More »

How to Add Spacing in HTML?

HTML naturally ignores spaces. Multiple spaces in a row, tabs, and returns are all ignored when you write code. Find out how to add spacing in HTML to help your content display the way you want it ... Read More »