How to Increase Growth Rate After a Hair Transplant?

Answer Hair transplant surgery involves taking a plug of skin containing several hairs, and implanting it into a section of your scalp that is bald. This might take several sessions, depending on the exte... Read More »

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When does new hair growth start after a transplant?

Tremendous hair growth is typically seen within several months of having the procedure. But often more than one procedure is necessary to show the best results. Any replaced hair growth is generall... Read More »

How to Rate Hair Transplant Doctors?

A hair transplant can enable you overcome genetics. By taking hair from an area of your head where you are not experiencing hair loss and moving it to an area where you have lost hair, hair transpl... Read More »

How to Reduce Hair Loss, Increase Hair Growth and Prevent Balding With Diet?

Hair loss can be a very stressful and embarrassing of a person's life. Nobody wants to see their hair thinning or falling out creating a bald spot. Studies have shown that the foods you eat can im... Read More »

How to Increase Hair Growth?

Growing your hair out can be a painstaking process. On average, hair grows about one-quarter inch per month. As hair growth is largely determined by genetics, some people are simply more prone to f... Read More »