How to Increase Concurrent Connections in MySQL?

Answer MySQL server provides you with a default setting that limits the amount of concurrent connections allowed on the database server. The limit helps stop too many connections from occurring, which can... Read More »

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What VPN services have plans that allow for multiple concurrent connections?

Astril is a total joke of a vpn. They only get good ratings at the vpn review sites because the vpn review sites are based on a pay to play concept. The vpn's rated highest paid the most commission... Read More »

How To Increase Internet Download Connections?

This registry tweak will increase the number of allowed simultaneous connections to ten (10). Run regedit.exe and then find this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Int... Read More »

How to combine multiple internet connections to increase performance.?

No. You can't combine your network protocols to get a faster internet connection. Network bridging allows you to connect two networks together such that network A can see the various devices on net... Read More »

How to Increase Internet Speeds in Airtel Dial-Up Connections?

Upgrade your modem if it does not conform to the V.92 standard. Contact your computer's manufacturer to make sure it is the most updated one. Visit an authorized dealer if you need to purchase and ... Read More »