How to Increase Car Tire Life?

Answer Increasing the life of you car tires will save you money. Tire are not cheap. They will last a long time if you take care of them. Follow these steps to increase the life of your tires.

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How Do I Increase the Tire Pressure as Maximum Tire Pressure Goes Up?

A tire's maximum pressure will not change. After all, the maximum pressure is based on the capabilities of the tire and the vehicle it is attached to -- there are no other variables.However, if you... Read More »

How to Recalibrate a Speedometer After a Tire Size Increase?

A vehicle's speedometer gives the driver an accurate estimation of the vehicle's speed. The speedometers on stock vehicles are calibrated for use with the vehicle's stock parts. Changing the stock ... Read More »

How to Increase or Decrease the Tire Pressure to Set the TPMS?

All vehicles manufactured after 2008 have a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) installed in them. After replacing a sensor or rotating the tires, you must reset the TPMS. You can also reset the... Read More »

Products That Increase Tire Traction in Mud & Snow?

Snowy or muddy terrains challenge drivers to overcome a treacherous loss of traction. Even the most skilled driver can be surprised at how suddenly control is lost on an unexpected icy patch. It is... Read More »