How to Improve the Visibility of a Front Pistol Sight?

Answer Front-sight acquisition is key to placing your pistol rounds on target. However, unless you spend the extra time or money to have custom sights fitted to your pistol, or you buy a "professional" o... Read More »

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How Do I Replace the Government 1911 Pistol Front Sight?

A government sight on the 1911A1 pistol is the stock sight that came pre-installed on the top of the frame. Replacing the front sight is not difficult to do but you will need a 1911A1 front sight t... Read More »

How to Bore Sight a Pistol?

Generally, bore sighting a handgun is impractical and is not a common practice. Handguns are close range weapons and are not typically equipped with optics. However, handguns used for hunting (us... Read More »

How to Flash Sight a Pistol (Handgun)?

A perfect sight picture. Flash sighting will not look this good. Notice, only the front sight is in clear focus.Both flash sighting and point-shooting take a lot of practice to master, but they are... Read More »

How to Improve Night Visibility of a Motorcycle, Bicycle or Boat?

Cycling at NightOther than additional lighting, there are materials available that you can apply to your motorcycle, bike or boat to make it retro reflective at night. Also available is a new produ... Read More »