How to Improve the Sound of Stock Harley Pipes?

Answer Harley Davidson motorcycles have become synonymous with the bad-boy motorcyclist image, complete with black leather jackets and loud sounding exhaust pipes. Unfortunately, most Harley Davidson moto... Read More »

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How to Modify Stock Pipes on a Harley-Davidson?

If you permanently modify the stock pipes on your Harley-Davidson to make it louder, you could cost yourself a lot of money when it comes time to have your motorcycle inspected. You might fail emis... Read More »

How to Make Stock Exhaust Pipes Sound Better?

Your muffler drowns your engine's sound to low levels. Replacing or modifying your exhaust pipe can drastically change -- and often enhance -- the sound of your exhaust system. There is another way... Read More »

How to Make Stock Chevy Exhaust Pipes Sound Better?

A vehicle's stock exhaust system is designed to balance costs with performance and noise. Stock pipes on a Chevrolet can be improved for both performance and sound profile. Replacing of the muffler... Read More »

How Do I Make a Harley Sound Louder With the Stock Exhaust?

Many Harley-Davidson riders swear by the aphorism "loud pipes save lives." And, after all, a confident rider is a safer rider. Making stock pipes louder is a less expensive alternative to purchasi... Read More »