How to Improve a the Brakes on a 4X4 Truck?

Answer Four-wheel-drive (4x4) vehicles are usually built on truck platforms that come with standard braking systems designed for both the two- and four-wheel-drive models. As a result, they are sometimes ... Read More »

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How to Put Brakes on a GMC Truck?

GMC is a division of General Motors corporation that makes a range of business and consumer trucks. All of the modern trucks use disc brakes on the front wheels, and often the rear wheels, to stop ... Read More »

How to Improve Motorcycle Drum Brakes?

Drum brakes, like those found on most cars, used to be the principle method of slowing down a motorcycle. Since the 1970s, most manufacturers have shifted to the disc brake, as it is more powerful ... Read More »

How Do I Improve Front Brakes on a Suzuki M50?

Over the years, some Suzuki M50 Boulevard cruiser riders have criticized the M50's single-disc front brake for not being up to the task of slowing the 584 lbs. machine effectively. Admittedly, look... Read More »

How do truck air brakes work?

Heavy trucks require a more complex and powerful braking system than ordinary cars or trucks. Air brakes marshal the power of compressed air to control the momentum of these vehicles.PurposeAir bra... Read More »