How to Improve Time Sheets From the Field?

Answer Time sheets are a primary document companies use to record the amount of time employees work. Federal and state laws will typically dictate how to document these hours and the retention period for ... Read More »

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How do you improve the depth of field in photography?

I have listed what I know in no particular order of preference, and any of them could be used alone or in combination. What's best depends on your situation. 1) use a smaller aperture 2) move bac... Read More »

How do you improve productivety and growth in the property management field?

From my experience The Village at Lovejoy Fountain at 245 SW Lincoln Street is the best property management company in Portland Oregon. Their number is (503) 223-5314. I recently moved out of the... Read More »

How to Wash New Sheets Stored for a Long Time?

Sheets that are still brand new in the packaging but have been stored for a number of years can present a challenge when you finally get around to using them. Sometimes you might just find that the... Read More »

What Are the Uses of Clock Cards & Time Sheets in Payroll Accounting?

Payroll accounting is a specific activity where companies prepare paychecks based on the clock cards and time sheets employees submit. This activity is often tedious as it is repetitive and require... Read More »