How to Improve Sentence Writing?

Answer Whether you're a writer, a teacher or a student, strong communication skills are vital to professional success. Good sentence structure is a fundamental communication tool, and one that can easily ... Read More »

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Activities to Help With Sentence Writing?

Even the simplest sentence must be constructed carefully with balance and purpose. This is rarely done on the first try, as a sentence, like a garden, must be trimmed and properly positioned before... Read More »

Sentence Writing Activities?

Teaching young students how to put together sentences on paper is an important first step in developing their writing and communication skills. Sentence writing activities teach children how to for... Read More »

Writing Activities for Sentence Fluency?

Sentence fluency describes the accuracy and expressiveness of words strung together in sentences. It is important to build fluency skills in order to successfully express yourself in writing. Havin... Read More »

Ten Basic Sentence Structures for Writing?

A sentence is the basic building block of writing. Sentences can be simple or complex and make statements, ask questions, give commands or make exclamations. The subject (noun) and predicate (verb)... Read More »