How to Improve Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary in At-Risk Students?

Answer At-risk students show inadequate retention and application of learning. Using specific strategies to improve these students' vocabulary is a first step to improving learning outcomes. By third grad... Read More »

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How to Improve Third Grade Students' Reading Fluency & Comprehension?

The expected reading fluency of a child entering the third grade is 90 words per minute. Reading fluency refers to the ability to read accurately with proper speed and comprehension. It is the resp... Read More »

How to Help Students Learn to Make Predictions to Improve Reading Comprehension?

Predicting is the way good readers become actively involved in what they are reading. It motivates students to search for meaning and understanding in the text. Students learning to read have to ma... Read More »

How to Improve Third Grade Students' Reading Fluency & Comprehension Through Parental Involvement?

In third grade, most students have learned how to read the words of a story, but they need to develop their fluency -- reading quickly, accurately, and with expression -- and the comprehension tha... Read More »

Improve Reading Comprehension Score?

Reading comprehension, the ability to get meaning from text, is a vital part of reading skill. There are many levels of comprehension and students must be successful at all of them in order to do w... Read More »