How to Improve Internet Radio Sound Quality?

Answer Poor audio encoding, audio compression at the hosting server or a slow connection to the server can degrade the quality of an Internet stream to the point that the stream becomes distorted or won't... Read More »

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How to improve sound quality on a recorded video?

The tools in Audacity have to have something useful to work with. You don't have anything useful to work with. Your camera sucks at sound to begin with, and recording audio directly to camera is th... Read More »

How can I improve the sound quality of my flute playing?

I know after I play my saxophone, or go a few days without playing, I sound much better on my flute. I've improved on flute so much since starting saxophone, but that could also be related to the f... Read More »

Does a audio interface improve sound quality?

Which interface, and compared to what? You need some sort of audio interface to record or hear anything anything, though virtually any recording interface is better than any built-in sound card, i... Read More »

Car Audio Tips To Improve Sound Quality?

Improving your car's audio sound quality can reduce the need for a costly upgrade of the entire system. Replacing an individual component can often increase the quality by itself. In addition, a... Read More »