How to Improve Hearing with a Sound Amplifier?

Answer Hearing aid and maintenance can be a very burdensome expense, especially for those on a fixed income. To make it worse, hearing aids that can cost hundreds still can fail to adequately perform. Thi... Read More »

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Would cleaning my home hi-fi amplifier improve sound quality and bass?

It's possible that dust build-up could provide a high resistance connection between contacts. Removing dust is always a good thing because a dust coating reduces cooling, so the amp might shut down... Read More »

I need help finding an amplifier for my logistic Lx310 surround sound can somebody tell me what amplifier i ne?

I cant find any Info on the model & number you gave all i come up with are logitech and numbers are wrong.Need More information.If you are are meaning Logitech MX530 or similar surround.They are di... Read More »

Can you improve your hearing after hearing loss?

Depends on the cause of hearing loss. If the loss is conductive - ie. caused by a problem with the ear canal, ear drum, bones behind the ear or middle ear cavity, there is a good chance that it cou... Read More »

How to Improve Your Hearing?

Hearing loss can be caused by damage to the inner ear (from injury or aging) or more controllable external factors. Here's what you can do about it.