How to Improve Exhaust Sound?

Answer Whether you want a louder sound, a quieter sound or a less whining sound, there are cost-effective methods of improving the type of noise coming from your car's exhaust system. Before you buy a bra... Read More »

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Does Motorcycle Exhaust Improve Fuel?

Yes, it can. Improving the flow of spent exhaust gas can generate more power with the same amount of fuel. Whether you actually get improved fuel efficiency depends on how you ride after the exhaus... Read More »

Does a quality exhaust system improve horsepower?

On One Hand: Exhaust Flow Equals PowerEngines burn fuel on the presence of oxygen to make power; the more fuel the engine can burn, the more power it will make. After burning, the air/fuel mixture ... Read More »

How to Reduce Exhaust Sound?

Some cars make too much exhaust noise. This can either be because of stock design or aftermarket add-ons, but either way, sometimes this can be too loud for either legal use or personal preference.... Read More »

How to Change the Exhaust Sound?

A vehicle's sound is primarily impacted by the engine and exhaust systems installed. Larger volume engines produce more exhaust, which typically deepens the sound and increases the audible volume. ... Read More »