How to Improve Comprehension Using a Word Card Game With Root Words and Affixes?

Answer A thorough understanding of how words are constructed using roots and affixes is invaluable for reading comprehension. This game allows middle school students to memorize the definitions of various... Read More »

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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Using Expository Texts?

Students encounter expository texts in every class. Their math, science and social studies text books are all informational, or expository, texts. Strategies used when reading these texts help stud... Read More »

How to Improve Reading Comprehension With Worksheets?

Teachers have traditionally used worksheets in the classroom, a practice that administrators often frown upon. However, this type of instructional material can be beneficial if utilized appropriate... Read More »

How to Put Words on Top of Pictures Using Microsoft Word?

Images in word processing documents have long been associated with words, usually in caption form below the pictures. Take advantage of Microsoft Word's text-moving capability to place those words ... Read More »

How to Teach Comprehension With Math & Word Problems?

Since the 1980s, pedagogy has tended toward interdisciplinary approaches, rather than teaching subjects in isolation, to provide a fuller understanding of subjects in context. Word problems are an ... Read More »