How to Improve Comprehension Using a Word Card Game With Root Words and Affixes?

Answer A thorough understanding of how words are constructed using roots and affixes is invaluable for reading comprehension. This game allows middle school students to memorize the definitions of various... Read More »

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What is the game where you make as many words from the word given?

An anagram is an exercise in which one word or phrase is turned into several other words or phrases by rearranging the letters. Many versions of anagram games exist; some examples are Anagrammatic,... Read More »

How to Improve English Comprehension?

English, as a spoken language, dominates North America, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries throughout the world. Good comprehension of written and spoken English is essential to livi... Read More »

How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension?

Trying to read Dickens and have no idea when the one character appeared and became the main character? Trying to follow Doctor Zhivago and don't have a clue who is who? Read this to help!

Improve Reading Comprehension Score?

Reading comprehension, the ability to get meaning from text, is a vital part of reading skill. There are many levels of comprehension and students must be successful at all of them in order to do w... Read More »