How to Import an .ICS into Entourage?

Answer Entourage is an email client application that is made for Mac computers by Microsoft. The application is similar to Outlook in that it has a calendar function. Mac computers come with iCal installe... Read More »

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Can Mac Entourage import Thunderbird files?

Thunderbird mail can be imported into Microsoft Entourage for Mac. This can be accomplished by running a small script in Script Editor before importing the mail data file into the Entourage applica... Read More »

I import my flip videos in iMovie and only half of the clips import?

I don't know how you are import them, but there is only one thing I can think of. When I plug in the flip video, a popup comes up in iMovie that would allow me to import the videos. I always cancel... Read More »

Video Camcorder Import Video Problem Cant import with usb cable?

You need to install the driver for your cam, if you go to your cam's website you will be able to download the driver from there for free. You will then be able to use your cam with the USB cable th... Read More »

How many episodes entourage have?

There are currently 88 episodes, and a short and last 7th season is planned.