How to Import a Toyota Hilux Into the USA?

Answer There are two ways to import a Toyota Hilux into the United States. One method is as a temporary import. Temporary imports must be returned to their country of origin accompanied by you, as specifi... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Headlights on a Toyota Hilux?

Although the Toyota Hilux has gone through a few redesigns in its production history, the process for adjusting the headlights has remained relatively unchanged. Each headlight assembly features tw... Read More »

Are the Hilux& the Tacoma the same Toyota trucks?

The Hilux and the Tacoma are not the same Toyota truck. The Tacoma is marketed for the North American and Canadian markets as a personal vehicle. The Hilux is for all other overseas markets and is ... Read More »

Can i run my toyota hilux surf on biodiesel?

The Toyota Hilux Surf can be run on biodiesel fuels; however, the process is not recommended by Toyota. Biodiesel fuel can be used in any modern diesel engine without the need for modification, acc... Read More »

Can I run my Toyota Hilux Surf on bio diesel?

If your Toyota Hilux Surf has a diesel engine, you can use biodiesel in it. However, due to the lack of long-term data on engine effects by different biodiesel blends, Toyota does not recommend us... Read More »