How to Import a Picture From the HTC Hero to a Computer?

Answer The image app included with the HTC Hero can perform basic image editing functions such as rotating and cropping pictures. If you want to make any more complicated edits to the pictures that you've... Read More »

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Why Windows Movie Maker doesn't let me import .avi files recorded with the Gopro Hd Hero 2 camera?

MP4 and AVI are both container files, not video formats. WMM doesn't support the video format recorded by the GoPro or (I assume) the GoPro Cineform codec. Rather than screw up the quality of the ... Read More »

How to Import Your Picture From a Samsung Phone?

Most Samsung mobile phones are equipped with a built-in camera. The camera can be used to take images of various subjects including friends and family. You can import those images to your computer ... Read More »

How to Mount a Picture to Another Picture in a Computer?

Microsoft Windows 7's Paint utility allows you to mount a picture to another picture on your computer. Paint is the default picture editing program on Windows. You can place the two pictures side-b... Read More »

How can I import DVD camcorder movies to computer?

You get a video editing program like Final Cut Pro, then you hook a firewire up from your camera to your computer. When you are in FCP go up to file choose Log and Capture and then play the video. ... Read More »