How to Import External Hard Drive Data?

Answer The contents of an external hard drive are simple to access directly from the drive, but importing it to your computer's hard drive means faster access. Once the data is on your internal hard drive... Read More »

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How to Import From an External Hard Drive to iTunes on a Mac?

To play media files in iTunes, you must first import the songs or videos to your iTunes media library. When you add a song or video to your media library, iTunes adds data to your media directory f... Read More »

How do i retrieve the data from my external hard drive?

External hard drives are very useful storage devices. You can use external hard drives to copy all of the information stored on an internal hard drive in a computer and transfer it to the internal ... Read More »

I have a external hard drive and need to transfer the data?

Read this and u'll know - if u hav som plugs ? - that's all u should need!…

Extracting data from internal hard drive with an external one?

Transferring the data is easy if you have a working computer. Just attach the external to it and put the old drive as a slave inside. Drag and drop all the files you want to save.To make another PC... Read More »