How to Import Excel XML into FTP?

Answer Microsoft Excel is a data spreadsheet composer that is part of the larger Microsoft Office suite of desktop programs. It gives you the power to organize complicated lists of items into a harmonious... Read More »

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How do I import an Excel spreadsheet into DB2?

Export from ExcelOpen your Excel application. If you are using Excel 2003 or an an earlier version, open the spreadsheet you want to export into DB2 by clicking "File," and then "Open." To open a s... Read More »

How to Import Excel Spreadsheets Into a PDA?

PDA devices are equipped only to read comma-delimited files, which most often appear in the form of files with the extension .CSV. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can easily be saved with the CSV exte... Read More »

How to Import My SQL Data Into MS Excel?

Because it is open source, the MySQL relational database can be found behind many data-driven websites. For this same reason, many front-end applications have been developed for administering MySQL... Read More »

How to Import a Word Document Into Excel?

Importing a Microsoft Word document into Microsoft Excel is often useful if you want to create a spreadsheet out of a list or form you've already made, such as an address book. Fortunately, since W... Read More »