How to Import CAD to Sketchup 7?

Answer With CAD programs you can quickly create blueprints for buildings and homes, and with SketchUp you can give those blueprints three-dimensional form. Before you can begin giving your walls height an... Read More »

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How to Import Google SketchUp Into Blender?

SketchUp is a simple-to-use 3D modeling program offered by Google. It comes in two versions: freeware and commercial. The commercial version has added features, such as the ability to export models... Read More »

I import my flip videos in iMovie and only half of the clips import?

I don't know how you are import them, but there is only one thing I can think of. When I plug in the flip video, a popup comes up in iMovie that would allow me to import the videos. I always cancel... Read More »

Video Camcorder Import Video Problem Cant import with usb cable?

You need to install the driver for your cam, if you go to your cam's website you will be able to download the driver from there for free. You will then be able to use your cam with the USB cable th... Read More »

How do i use rotate on sketchup?

Rotate an ObjectClick on the rotate tool in either the tool bar or tool menu. The rotate tool looks like two red arrows chasing each other in a circle. Your cursor will look like a protractor. Clic... Read More »