How to Implement Music in the Classroom?

Answer School does not have to be a dull, tedious experience; although sadly for some students, it is just that. If you want to provide your students with a livelier learning experience and help them lear... Read More »

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How to Implement Writing Into My Classroom?

Being able to clearly articulate their thoughts in written form is a skill every student needs and one that needs to be ingrained as early as middle school. Writing skills are important in every sc... Read More »

How to Implement the Arts in Your Classroom?

Implementing the arts in your classroom is a relatively simple process that can yield positive results for your students. Art by definition is the quality, production, expression or realm, accordin... Read More »

How to Implement a Writers' Workshop in the Classroom?

Focusing intently on developing writing skills can make students more effective in many areas of the classroom, increasing imagination, improving grammar and bolstering communication abilities. A c... Read More »

How to Implement Story Problems in a Classroom?

There is a vast difference between exercises and problems: the former requires rote memorization and little original thought, but the latter compels students to think critically and for themselves.... Read More »