How to Ignore Haters?

Answer All of us have that time, that when we are finally ourselves, we have those people trying to deter us, exclude us and try their best to change us. Sick of that? Read on!

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How to Become a Happy Positive Person and Ignore the Haters?

Ever thought that you just can't cope or fit in? Has everything got to much and getting up and starting a new day fills you with horror? Depressed? Well I have been there and I am going to help you... Read More »

MJ Fam and Haters: Why Do MJ Haters Answer MJ Questions, They Have Better Stuff To, Don't They?

Because they are trying to make MJ fans angry And it seems to work with a few fans

I have a question for Michael Jackson HATERS (yes, haters)?

Oh Michael Jackson haters, come out, come out wherever you are... Oh right sorry I forgot all of you are crying in a corner somewhere because you guys ran out of pointless jokes and are too out num... Read More »

JB haters?

They are Hansen 2.0. Does anyone know who Hansen is? Exactly. They will NOT be around in 5 years. They'll all want to go for respective solo careers, and most likely fail.EDIT: I mean they are ... Read More »